Do You Want To Work In Australia?

Collecting all your formal papers to be presented to the Australian Authorities is very expensive, but that does not help you present yourself to an Australian company in a manner that will put you in the race against other Electricians.


You can imagine what it’s like, not only is the language different, there is different terminology, different names for the equipment, different expectations and there are minimum requirements due to the basic training the Australian Electrical Apprentices are put through; so if you do not understand these particular basics you will stand out from the crowd, in the wrong way, and find it hard to find and keep a job.


We use different equipment and connect them to different systems which takes time for someone from another country to learn. 

Countries like the UK, South Africa and India have very similar supply and distribution equipment and systems but still require a great deal of learning to be competent as an Electrician in Australia.


Many Electricians from other countries do not usually have the relevant qualifications to obtain a full Electricians licence in Australia. This then requires them to attend formal training with a Registered Training Organisation to obtain the necessary training to acquire an Australian licence.

Australian Standards

Then there are the ‘Australian Standards’ that every Australian Electrical Apprentice are taught during their basic training. Not only will you be expected to perform your job in a safe manner, you will be expected to be able to perform particular calculations and know how to use the ‘AS/NZ3000 Electrical Wiring Rules’, find the relevant rules, interpret them and apply them on the job.

Then there are the ‘every day’ skills required that an apprentice or electrician in a new field pick up on the job; skills that most electricians you work with will automatically expect from a skilled tradesperson. Learning these skills are not hard, but missing these skills will make it more difficult for your fellow electricians and therefore make it hard for you to keep your job.

SPN Coaching and Study Program

If you are interested in working in Australia as an Electrician, you can join our Electrical Coaching and Study Program.

Our study program is a proven system unlike any other.

Developed over time due to feedback from Australia’s largest network of Electrical Supervisors, and Electrical Engineers.

Opened in competition to Central Queensland University and Central Queensland Technical and Further Education in 2013 purely on word-of-mouth of the results we were producing.

Our list of clients include nearly every electrical business from the Electrical Supply Authority and large industries that employ Electricians.

They ranged from companies like,

  • Weis Communications
  • Jayzee Electrical
  • Rick Byrne Electrical
  • Larson’s Doors
  • Firelec
  • Stankey Electrical
  • Kelly Construction
  • John Goss Projects
  • BMA Coal
  • Westfarmers’ Curragh Mine
  • Ward Operations
  • NRG Industrial
  • Stanwell Power Station
  • Ergon Energy
  • Joy Global
  • and more

Join the team

Email us to enrol

Enrol for the program postpone whenever you need to, as often as you need to.

Initial Enrolment Investment $500
Includes on-line access to the Blackboard Learning Management System as well as four electrical trade text books: Electrical Principles and Electrical Practices

Intermittent Payment $100 

Includes one hour of face to face coaching + $100 per additional 

Monthly Payments $250 

Includes one hour of face to face coaching per week if required + $75 per additional hour

Yearly Payment $2,500 

Includes one hour of face to face coaching per week if required + $50 per additional hour

Learn at your own pace