Learning Like No Other

See Why Electricians Make Us Their Number One Choice

SPN Training is the only training company in Australia providing extra training for electricians as well as electrical apprentices.

Personal Study Programs

Many express their concern that each new generation is less likely to effectively learn their trade. There is no disputing the modern school system and social environment make it difficult for students to realise the benefits of hard work and learning complex skills.

We help students to build a good personal study program to prepare them for their block training. In addition, we show students how to apply it on the job and maintain their study program throughout their career.

Pre-Block Study Programs

There is little point in expecting students to turn up on the day without any prior knowledge of the upcoming course and expect them to perform at their best. We help students to study the upcoming course so their time in the course is spent asking quality questions and understanding the subject.

Progress Reports

Employers traditionally have no idea how their apprentice is progressing in block training and are forced to work it out from what their apprentice tells them. In addition, their only report from their training provider is a simple ‘pass’ or ‘fail’.

With the involvement of the employer, we will inform them of their apprentice’s progress. The employer is directly involved in the process of deciding how best to manage their apprentice’s progress.

Post-Block Follow-Ups

We help students to apply their new-found knowledge by applying it on their job and following up on their progress.

An Effective Use of Technology – No Computer Testing

There are few things worse than using computers to determine the competence of a student.

Using computer tests certainly seems to save the assessor a great deal of time, but it ends up costing more time for the assessor to sort out the problems. The students too, are often faced with a great deal of stress with login problems, time-outs, glitches, system problems, unsaved work, information loss, assessment result loss, and poor questions.

SPN Training does not use computer tests to do the assessor’s job.

Assessments Scrutinised by Employers

It is very frustrating for employers to have apprentices fail assessments and they have no idea if it was due to the student, teacher or assessment.

Our assessments are available for employers to scrutinise and suggest improvements.

Employers Are Welcome in Class

It is preferable for employers to visit us, sit in our classes, see what we do, how we do it, discuss any concerns and make suggestions on how to improve our training sessions. If we have spare seats, employers are welcome to send others to attend classes they feel they may benefit from.

Shorter Blocks

It is challenging for students to attend a block where three or four subjects are covered. They are forced to put one subject aside and focus on another subject, and yet be expected to retain what they learned for use on the job.

We shorten the blocks and use only one subject per block, so students can retain what they learned before they return for the next subject.

One Teacher per Subject

Students complain of two teachers per subject being the normal practice, and often, three to five teachers have had a hand in one single subject. Even just two teachers per subject creates the problem of inconsistent standards, teaching styles, and losing track of student progress. We make sure that only one teacher teaches the subject from start to finish