Student and Employer Feedback


This experience has been amazing for the care and attention shown to each student, and the ability to teach a subject where each student leaves with knowledge than can be readily applied at work on a day-to-day basis. This institute is exactly what every employer wants for their apprentice, the absolute best.” – Nathan BMA Electrician

“As a former SPN Training student and a former TAFE student, I found there was a massive difference at SPN Training. Care and attention were given to make sure I understood the subject matter each day. CARE AND ATTENTION to each student makes the world of difference.” – Nathan BMA Electrician

“I am also a former SPN Training student and TAFE student. There was a huge difference between the two training places. The SPN Training teacher would make sure we understood the content that was being reached. I would choose SPN Training over TAFE any day of the week and I've also spread the word to apprentices who have switched and never looked back.” – Daniel Rio Tinto Electrician

There is one distinct difference that sets SPN Training apart from the others, and that is that the teachers actually care. Unlike the others where the teachers just read out of textbooks and don’t care who gets left behind, you will get support from their teachers. You will not get this kind of support from anyone else.” – Callan, 3rd Yr.

“The way our teacher Dale West goes in-depth about the subject and questions at hand makes learning a whole lot easier and makes difficult things understandable.” – Hayden, 3rd Yr.

"I seriously questioned my decision to be an electrician because I was failing my exams. I could not understand what the teachers were trying to say and they seemed completely incapable of helping me. But, since transferring to SPN Training, I am excelling in my studies, understanding the subjects, and am excited that I made the right decision and will make a very good electrician." – Lee, 2nd Yr.

"It is very different at SPN Training. It's fun, challenging, hard work, light-hearted but also serious. You are treated as an equal, not someone to be spoken down to. They have a completely different open attitude and way of teaching, because they understand the challenges of entering an electrical trade with the skills we are taught at school. We are pushed, challenged, encouraged, and motivated to be the best electrician we possibly can. We even have our own kitchen and lounge; all we need now is a pool table." – Cameron, 2nd Yr.

 "I have learned and understood more in my first week at SPN Training than I ever learned at the other place in the past three years." – Mike, 3rd Yr.

 "I am going to be finished my second year of college before other apprentices that I know will be half way through their first year." – Lee, 1st Yr.

 "I have never been so keen to do an upcoming exam, and so confident that I could solve any problem put before me." – Dean, 2nd Yr. (Doing G101 Magnetism and D.C. Machines)

"Never have I seen such passion and dedication from a training company." – Jack, 2nd Yr. (Mature Age Student)

 "Finally a teacher that can answer questions!" – Karl, 2nd Yr.

 "After moving over here; there is no way you would ever want to go back." – John, 1st Yr.

 "The hours are perfect, the delivery sequence is much better, block lengths are excellent for the employer to plan work, progress reports are gold; everything is just so easy and fits in beautifully. They focus on apprentices’ learning instead of just a passing grade. This is critical!" Stephen, Electrician