Cert II Electrotechnology

Cert III Electrotechnology

HV Switching




You do not have to be an SPN student to take advantage of our training system.

We have some very large companies that are required by their parent company to send their apprentices to the government training RTOs but employ SPN to tutor them through their studies.
(Names are withheld as employers do not want their apprentices targeted by their teachers)

We have a couple of Electrical Engineering Students from CQ University that attend private tutorials because they have trouble with the language barrier with lecturers and the teaching style of ‘teaching by PowerPoint’ does not agree with them.

We have some individual students forced by their employer to attend the government RTO that regularly attend tutorials so they can understand what they did at TAFE during that day.

We also have school students that are having difficulty at school with math subjects.


Apprentices need to gain as much experience as possible

Register with us if:

You have work that apprentices could gain experience from

You have apprentices that need to go to another employer