Apprentice Training
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... During the past decade, Search Party members have increasingly voiced their concerns about the direction of apprentice training and ‘everyone receiving a certificate’ in post trade courses.

... “In 2012 we decided we would do something to help out. Our members convinced us that Search Party, like every other training company, could run profitable post trade courses, but it would unlikely improve the situation.” says Dale West, Lead Electrical Coach of SPN Training.

... A good company with a bad trainer equals a bad training session as much as a bad company with a good trainer equals a good training session.


Use It or Lose It

“We need to get back to basics”

... You may be interested in the remarkable results of a small dedicated electrical training team.

... An Electrical Supervisor commented on electricians working in maintenance roles, and dual roles such as operator/electrician, “Our industry is huge and if you do not revisit a field on a regular basis you lose the ability to be effective.”

... Discussing training available to electricians, an Industrial Electrician said, “Once we are out of our time there is no more training available except for further education or suppliers training designed to sell product."

The SPN 5 Yearly Electrical Continuity Analysis and Gap Training is available to help electricians get back to basics, refresh their memory, or help keep their electrical licence.