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Man suffers serious electric shock from power line

A 39-YEAR-OLD man has been taking to Proserpine Hospital in a stable condition after a suspected electric shock on Dodd St, Proserpine.

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokesperson said they had received the call at about 9am today.

"(Ambulance officers) found the patient, a 39-year-old man, conscious and breathing," the spokesperson said.



And Money Again - Is this a common theme?

CQU rejects allegations of 'boosting' data

CQU has been ... threatened with tough penalties for allegedly providing data that would artificially boost their performance on prestigious research rankings used to allocate government funding.

CQU Vice Chancellor Scott Bowman rejects the allegations made by Fairfax.

"We completely reject the suggestion made by the SMH that CQU misrepresented research data, and we stand by the integrity of our ERA submission to the ARC," he told The Bulletin.


Money Again

Vice Chancellor denies CQU has a ‘toxic culture’

REPORTS of a "toxic and chaotic" environment at CQUniversity persist as the university faces increased financial challenges and another round of staff redundancies.

"(Prof) Bowman is getting rid of everyone who doesn't agree with him," he said.

Clearly there are problems at the university, and with staff, but Prof Bowman, is reluctant to acknowledge a problem.



Is it any wonder the CQU started to lose students and this year losing up to $6,000,000.00?

'Cash Cow' Students threaten hunger strike

67% of 600 students failed their exams.

160 of them accuse the Rockhampton-based university of testing them on information not covered in the course.

CQU's Director of International Development and Services said the university had been "very accommodating" in agreeing to the re-mark, but admitted the failure rate had been high.