The Search Party Network training division, SPN Training, has around 150 regular students from electrical engineers, electrical engineering students, electricians, electrical fitters, linesmen, cable jointers, and refrigeration mechanics attending around 400 hours of training and assignments per year.

Electrical apprentices in RTO systems such as TAFE are also tutored and coached by SPN Training to insure they understand the trade to the best of their ability and develop the ability to learn on their own in order for them to maintain a habit of continual improvement and development throughout their career.

BMA is one company to be commended that enrolled their electrical apprentices into the coaching and development program with SPN Training rather than leaving it up to the apprentices themselves to pay for the service. Since this service began in 2015, every apprentice in the program gained a greater understanding of the trade, more confidence in their ability to perform their job, and not only passed their TAFE Capstone exams, but on their first attempt with ease.

Electrical engineers and engineering students not content with the ‘lecture by PowerPoint’ learning environment and limited subject foundation of universities attend SPN Training so as to gain a better understanding of the subject.

Licenced electrical fitters preferring to upgrade to electrical mechanic attend SPN Training for all their UEE30811 electrical mechanic subjects.

Industrial electricians, requiring domestic training, domestic electricians requiring industrial training, as well as electricians requiring training to bring them up to speed or gain knowledge on AS3000 wiring rules also attend SPN.

Clients range from small contractors to large companies like BHP Billiton, Ergon Energy, Stanwell Power, Firelec, John Goss Projects, J.M. Kelly Group, and Stanke Electrics.