About Us

SPN Has Revolutionised Training

We have four years to teach apprentices how to learn on their own

SPN Training was born out of the largest group of site supervisors and electrical engineers across Australia to restructure electrical training.


We have no new ideas or inventions, innovation or latest technology that makes us the world’s best educators.

We are not psychologists, ex CEOs, EEMs or professors with a scientific breakthrough on the neuro-mechanics of learning and retention.


What makes us so different to everyone else is we go against the trend and concentrate on the basics; the plain truths that everyone agrees with but gets thrown out due to economics or desire to look like innovators in the field.

We focus on attitude, a love for the industry and developing a desire to achieve something great.


We essentially enter into a contract with students that gives us four years to teach them how to learn on their own; no star employee or leader needs to be encouraged to learn.

  • Assignments Before and After Training
  • Continual Training Between Blocks
  • Smaller Classes
  • Shorter Blocks (One Week)
  • Fewer Subjects per Block
  • One Teacher per Subject
  • Clearer Assessment Questions
  • Employment Assistance
  • Less Stress 

  • Less Time Away From Work
  • Improved Concentration
  • Improved Work Performance
  • Higher Grades
  • Subjects Are Spaced for Better Understanding 
  • No Computer Testing
  • No Contradictions between Teachers
  • No Mobile Phones
  • Student Performance Reviews

Our Experience

Electrical fitter mechanics with experience in electrical and management in mining, industrial and domestic contracting with maintenance, repairs, design and construction as well as several years of experience in the training industry.

With the experience of hiring hundreds of electricians, we know the skills and attitude employers and supervisors are looking for in a star performer.