Apprenticeship Management Program
(Also open to those wanting to obtain an apprenticeship)

Designed to help Electrical Apprentices through their apprenticeship and set them up for a strong career in the electrical field.

From the society we are in, spiralling school system, technological distractions, poor teachers, multiple teachers per subject and RTOs focusing on assessments instead of teaching, the Electrical Apprentice is fighting an uphill battle.

The situation will not improve, but you need them; all you can do is work around them.

SPN Training Apprenticeship Management Program:

  • Develop their ability to learn
  • Guide them through block training
  • Take them through the training package
  • Track and report on their progress at their RTO
  • Ensure the RTO books them in for their next subject
  • Negotiate with the RTO on their behalf
  • Teach them what they need to know for their next subject
  • Implement a personal study program to help them progress in their trade
  • Develop and issue assignments, quizzes and practice tests
  • Tutorial sessions to help them through their studies
  • Show them how to apply their knowledge at work
  • Help them improve their relationships at work
  • Help them improve customer relations
  • Management of their eProfiling to keep them on track.
  • Liaise with the RTO to manage the apprentice’ progress, attendance and conduct and manage any disputes from both sides
  • Assist with practical aspects of their last block training subject to help them strengthening their knowledge and skills.
  • Report to employer in writing on all these matters so all the information of apprentice progress is easily accessible
  • (If the apprentice is signed up to the program by the employer) 

Benefits of the Apprentice Management Program

  • Less Stress
  • Higher Grades
  • Personal Study Program
  • Improved Concentration
  • Improved Work Performance
  • Monitoring of Workplace Activity
  • Continual Training Between Blocks
  • Assignments Before and After Block Training

COL - Coaching On-Line

Face to face access for tutorials or meetings can be done at any time that makes it easy for the apprentice or the employer.

You do not need to travel across town to keep an appointment, have a meeting or a tutorial.

If you are working out of town, you may want to have a meeting after hours or on the weekend.

You may be on the other side of the country and have a meeting while you are right there in the workshop or mine site.

Email us to Enrol

Initial Enrolment Investment $500
Includes on-line access to the “Blackboard” Learning Management System as well as four electrical trade text books: Electrical Principles and Electrical Practices

Intermittent Payment $100 (Pay only when you want to do something)
Includes one hour of face to face coaching + $100 per additional hour

Monthly Payments $250
Includes one hour of face to face coaching per week if required + $75 per additional hour

Yearly Payment $2500
Includes one hour of face to face coaching per week if required + $50 per additional hour